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The Faber F was founded

It was back in 2004 when the now, in love with this beautiful land of Istria, decided to found the Faber F and choose the location at an apartment located in the center of Novigrad. The proximity to the sea and the green park adjacent managed for short breaks from work in Italy to give me the serenity I had always wanted. The contact with nature, long walks to discover landscapes of the past and the culinary delights of the place could all of a sudden to bring me back to a now distant past. In 2008, more and more fascinated by this red soil, I decided to buy an old stone house in Brtonigla that with even more strength he gave me that feeling of indissoluble bond between man and nature. Right here, with a detailed design and meticulous attention to detail I really wanted to give new life to the property with the recovery of Istrian stone, old wood and terracotta tiles for the roof.
The restoration, followed by myself with the help of local workers, wants to give the visitor the feeling of living in an old house with the comforts of today.

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